Friday, November 20, 2009

College Basketball Picks - November 20, 2009

I am playing:

Villanova -5 vs Dayton (neutral site)
Nova vs Dayton Over 144

I have leans on BC and La Salle. Check back to see if they become plays.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

College Basketball Picks - November 19, 2009

3 Wagers have been made:

California -1 vs Syracuse (Madison Square Garden)
Rider +5 @ Virginia
South Florida -1.5 vs Davidson (Charleston, SC)

I plan to keep my eye on these for any line movements.

Back for Year 2!

I am back for another year of NCAA Basketball action. I am pretty happy with last years results because I was able to break even and learn a lot. My winning percentage continued to climb each month last year so I hope to turn the corner and have a profitable year. I lost a lot of units in Nov and Dec last year so I have decided to try and tread much lighter early on this year (hence why I have yet to even bet a game so far). Don't be surprised if I do not have any plays for days at a time. Also expect more 2nd half wagers this year (maybe I will open a twitter account to get them out in a more timely fashion).

Here is to a profitable 09-10 NCAA Basketball Season!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Picks 3/28/09

Here is what I have for today:

Pitt -2
Pitt vs Nova Over 141
Uconn vs Missouri Under 150
Uconn vs Missouri Under 71 1st Half

I might add Pitt for the 1st half as well.

Friday, March 27, 2009

ADD: Arizona +5.5 1ST Half

Picks 3/27/09

So far I have locked in:

Syracuse +1
Michigan st -1

Thursday, March 26, 2009

ADD: Villanova Team Total Pts Over 31.5 - 2nd Half

More Plays

Missed a middle opportunity on the 2nd half Uconn total. I am adding:

Memphis -4
Villanova +2.5
Memphis vs Missouri UNDER 141

I am still considering Memphis for the 1st half as Missouri has been a better 2nd half team this year.

ADD: Uconn -6.5

ADD: Pitt -3.5 1st Half

2 More ADDS:

Pitt -6.5
UConn vs Purdue UNDER 62 1st Half

Picks 3/26/09

Here is only play I have locked in so far:

UConn vs Purdue Total Under 134.5

Check back for more plays.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

2 More


USC +4
USC vs Michigan St OVER 129

ADD: Missouri -3

Expect possible 2nd half plays on this game. I am also leaning towards USC +4 and the over in that game.

ADD: Dayton vs Kansas OVER 70.5 2nd Half

This game has been played really quick with no one making a thing. I am banking on the speed keeping up and the shooting to improve.

Additional Play

I am adding:

Pittsburgh Team total over 80.5

Additional Plays

Here is what I have so far:

Dayton vs Kansas OVER 133: I think this will be played at Kansas' speed and I actually think Dayton's offense is beter at a faster pace.

Xavier -3 : From the games i have watched this team is comfortable playing in the half court

Arizona -2.5: I like that they play zone as Clevland St is not great from deep

ADD: Cuse vs ASU UNDER 74 2nd Half

Yesterday 2nd half overs were 8-0, but I like the under here.

No Play for the Cuse vs ASU game

I lean to to Syracuse but these teams are too similar in style. Maybe I will have something after I watch the first half.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

ADD: Duke vs Texas OVER 139

This Purdue game is good. Just missed the UNC over. Needed 4 points with 1:10 left but LSU stopped fouling.

ADD: Purdue vs Washington OVER 75 2nd HALF

Love the pace in this one. Counting on there being more fouls called. Not loving how Oklahoma has looked so far and the UNC over appears to be in bad shape as well.

More Plays

So it is safe to say I was a bit wrong about the scoring in the Memphis game.

Other games I have locked in:

Oklahoma -7
Gonzaga -11
Purdue vs Washington OVER 139.5

ADD: Memphis vs Maryland Under 61 1ST Half

ADD: Nova vs UCLA OVER 77.5 2nd Half

Picks 3/21/09

I haven't been able to get much traction with this tournament so far. I am going to take the bait and bet: Villanova -2

I have also locked in Memphis -9

More possible plays to follow.

Friday, March 20, 2009

ADD: Louisville -12 2nd Half

ADD: Louisville -21

This might be close for a half by Morehead turns the ball over too much.

ADD: Missouri -6.5 2nd half

Additional Plays

I am adding:

West Virginia -9 for the game
West Virginia -5 1st half

3-2-1 start so far. The 2 loses and push all came down to the final seconds but the ball did not bounce my way. The good news is that I won't be able to lose any more money on Tennessee games; so much talent yet no discipline.

NCAA Tournament Picks: Friday March 20

I went 7-6 on Thursday. I had the right idea about the game totals going over (they were 10-6) but poor execution as the ones I bet went 2-4. I like a lot of plays tomorrow so I am hoping for a good day as the season is coming to an end.

Friday's plays that are locked and loaded:

Arizona +1.5

Syracuse -11.5 (SFA can not shoot the 3 at all which is not bad news when playing the Cuse)

Syracuse -6.5 1st Half

Ohio St -3

Tennessee -2 (Let's see if they can screw me again)

USC -2.5

North Dakota St +10 (They might take this game outright)

North Dakota St / Kansas : OVER 144

Arizona / Utah : OVER 134

Cornell / Missouri : OVER 145.5

Marquette -4.5

In an effort to provide full disclosure here are the rest of my leans for tomorrow: Cleveland St +8, Louisville -21, Louisville 1st half -11.5, Ohio State vs Siena Under 142.5, West Virginia -9, Missouri -12.5, Florida St -2.5, Pitt Over 148, Tennessee Under 73.5 1st half. As always check back for 2nd half wagers and additional adds.